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Fudo is a Japanese Eatery and Sushi Bar in Victoria BC offering traditional and fusion creations using superior quality ingredients. Among the locally sourced items are Albacore Tuna, Sockeye Salmon, BC Spot Prawns and Sea Urchin. Other top quality fish are imported weekly from Japan, Hawaii and Mexico.


Locally sourced ingredients.

We do our best to use local product whenever we can.

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Sushi Chef Shingo goes the extra mile in ensuring the quality and freshness of the fish, such excellence allows him to employ his craftsmanship to sculpt each dish into a masterpiece. Each dish is a work of art, pleasing to the eye and gratifying to the palate.


Sushi Chef Shingo Sano

Sushi Chef Shingo came to Canada from Japan in the late seventies. All his fusion aspects of sushi comes from Montreal and NYC, the birthplace of culinary inspiration. He was right in the middle of it. At Fudo, you’ll see his true passion and love through his creativity, unique presentation and flavours that you will remember and will never forget.

Taste The Authentic Tastes of Japan Right Here at Victoria, Only with Fudo

Japanese Cuisine takes under its wings all those regional and traditional delicacies which have been part of the Oriental culture and has been enjoyed by the Japanese people through the ages. However, over the years the popularity of the cuisine has not remained limited to the little island nation alone. Japanese food today has been voted among the top choices of people all over the world, especially here in Canada.

A problem that is often faced by the true lovers of Japanese food is the fact that there is barely any place that serves the authentic taste. To resolve this and to ensure that your love for Japanese food only keeps growing over the years, we have come up with Fudo!

Counted among the Best Japanese Restaurants in Victoria, Fudo serves you Japanese food, the proper Japanese way so that you get the feeling of being transported to Tokyo while you are still in Victoria BC.

Wondering what makes the Fudo food so special? Find out right here:

Your very own Japanese Chef

Indeed, nobody does the Japanese cuisine better than the Japanese themselves, and in Fudo you have a chance to taste that. Our Sushi Chef Shingo Sano traces his roots to Japan, where he was residing until the late seventies. Holding a variety of kitchen experience by working from Montreal to NYC, Shingo has also been able to absorb other influences and come up with the most exotic fusion dishes.

However, experience is not the only recommendation that makes Shingo an exceptional Chef. His passion for food and to create something unique is well reflected in each and every platter of food that passes the kitchen door. That’s what has catapulted us to be the top Japanese Restaurant in Victoria.

Local ingredients

When it comes to the cuisine of a particular culture, the kind of ingredients that are being used have a great role to play in it. At Fudo we do just that for our guests. Each of our ingredients are actually sourced from Japan and Hawaii. This is true not only for the spices that are used, but also the fishes such as the Tunas and the salmons.

Better standards of Hygiene

A very important reason for the popularity of Fudo as the best Japanese Restaurant Victoria is that our chef actually goes the extra mile to ensure that what reaches your plate is actually super fresh. For this each of the ingredients that goes into the dish- be it locally sourced or imported from Japan is personally checked by him. Perhaps this is why, at Fudo, each of the dishes are a masterpiece in themselves. We are also the creators of unique sashimi Victoria dishes.

Great variety

There are also a great variety in terms of the number of items that we have on our menu. So be it your mood for a Hama chi Kama or Chicken Kara-age, you get it all served at the best sushi restaurant in Victoria.

So what are you waiting for? Book a table at Fudo and experience the best of Japanese cuisine in our Victoria restaurant.

"The chefs are inspired and passionate. Try the jalapeno hamachi roll!"